Imagine yourself in a place, where magic is flying in the air, and everything is covered with mystery. Nice, isn’t it? And if you are a king of this wonderful place, then everything seems to ideal, right? But not everything is so cool, because there are always a lot of enemies, who want to outlaw you, and get the control over your territory. If you are a brave leader, get ready to defend your land! Clash Royale gives you a wonderful opportunity to plunge into this enigmatic atmosphere and change the flow of history!

After a short training course you will be able to take part in online game with real opponents from different countries. As a rule, they have the same level, as you, so both of you have pretty fair chances to win. Your main task is to keep your territory safe, but you should attack your enemies, so they would be concerned about defending their own lands, and not attacking you. Every battle, no matter whether you win or lose, will give you a little reward – a chest, where you will find many useful things. Remember that you can’t interfere in the process of game, because you plan the scenario with the help of cards, and when you start the new round of Clash Royale, you can’t change a thing.

Another thing that is worth every second, spent in this game, is a trophy that you get time after time. Some of them are very rare, and they can lead you to the table of records, where gamers from all over the world will read your name and say it with awe. Apart from usual soldiers you will meet scary monsters, and sometimes only a fancy spell will help you to overcome this threat. To make your chances higher, you can join different clans. Here you can ask for help, especially for a certain card that you lack in your collection. When you help your friends, you get a tiny progress in game, so don’t ignore people, who ask for help. Clash Royale is an exciting strategy, where you can show your skills of a manager, and prove everyone what you are capable of.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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