All boys want to be kings and knights that defend their territory from various enemies. In real life we can’t boast with such things, because there are a few kingdoms left on the earth, and we couldn’t definitely become fearless knights, because they are left in medieval times. But there is one thing that can help us to feel this controversial epoch, and it is a strategy that is called Clash Royale with hack.

Here you are made to keep the unity of your land, which is not that easy because of the great number of rivalries. They will fight with you day and night, but those battles won’t last long. You can play a few rounds while you are waiting for your cattle to boil, when you want to drink tea. Such quick struggles are very good for those, who don’t like long-term sessions. But here is the first drawback – those quick fights are nice, but after a certain number of rounds you have nothing to do. You can get progress only after you open certain chests, and you have to wait until they are ready.

You won’t play with soldiers; you will deal only with cards. They will give your army necessary strength, cast cool spells and do many other interesting tricks. They can even grant an access to other locations and demolish your enemy’s towers with only one touch. Your main task is to collect them, and not let anyone ruin your castle. To do this in the best way you should plan all your actions beforehand, because you can’t interfere in the process, when everything has already started. If something went wrong, and you can’t guess what it was, you can always watch a replay of the selected tour, and get to know all the things that you have to fix, if you want to win. You are struggling for the top places in rating, and there is something that might help you. You can join a clan, and ask your new friends for help. They will give you necessary cards, because they are rewarded for this. So, if you have something to give – be generous.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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