Do you like to take part in different battles in order to check out your courage and ability to create a nice strategy? If you are brave enough to accept the challenge, join the great community of Clash Royale fans and gameplay. Here you can find everything you need, and even more. This perfect arcade will fascinate you with the beauty of its graphics and take you to a fancy kingdom that you have to defend. If you have always dreamt about a medieval castle, then it’s an ideal chance for you to test your traits of leader.

You will have a set of cards, and each of them has unique characteristics that will help you to develop your own strategy. If you have never tried such games, it’s not a big deal; you will have training at the beginning that will give answers to major questions that may arise during the gameplay. No matter what the result of a battle is, you will get a chest that you may open, and find there many useful things. There are four different types of them, and each one has its own peculiarities and advantages. Some of them will open new locations, others will give you unique and powerful cards, and they will definitely bring you game currency for your development. There are different types of troops, and they have different characteristics that you should keep in mind. Some soldiers are good in quick fight, and others can do it longer; there is also difference in the distance. There are also monsters and giants, and you should learn all their peculiarities. If you succeed in this, you will be able to fight with opponents, who had higher level than you, and it would be the perfect chance to show what you are capable of. To kill the time when you can’t participate in a battle, you can watch replays, where you can learn both yours and your opponent’s mistakes, and try to avoid them in future. Join clans, and become one of the best king-defenders!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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