Clash Royale PC


Clash Royale is definitely a game you need to try if you are a fan of the tower defense genre. Fascinating battles, wide system of units and cards, unique gameplay and other perks unavailable in similar titles have made it a true hit among players all over the world. And while novices will be totally happy with just what they are offered, more experienced players often wonder whether it is possible to play over 2 Clash Royale accounts using a single device. Actually, it is possible! For that purpose, Android-based users require a Google ID while those using iPhones and iPads will need an Apple ID (or Game Center Account). That will allow them to load their Clash Royale account on any gadget connected to the internet. First, you have to launch the Game Center app and check that your current account is already linked to your Game Center ID. If yes, then you should be able to spot Clash Royale in the Games tab. Your game achievements will also be reflected there. Now you can easily open and play over 2 Clash Royale accounts from one device! Use this incredible opportunity to score even more victories on the virtual battle field and bring home hundreds of trophies and rewards that you could only dream of!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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