Clash Royale Legendary


Have you ever been to a battlefield? This is the place, where you can become a real king or knight, and do everything to make your kingdom happy and prosperous. But this way is long and covered with blood of your enemies and your own as well. And if you think that a few fights can solve the problem, then you are totally wrong, because there were wars that lasted for more than one hundred years! And if you don’t mind spending some time in this carousel, you are welcome to the Clash Royale Legendary strategy!

You will see a few towers that belong to you and those that belong to your enemy. Your main task is to defend your location, and it is quite difficult, because your rivalry is pretty strong. But you can’t use your own army in a usual way; you need to plan everything beforehand and use necessary cards. You can choose any type of troops, and even cruel monsters will work for you, if you want. You shouldn’t think only about your safety; you should try to demolish your opponent’s base. If you think that it sounds too easy, don’t believe this impression. The cards are very hard to collect, and some of them can be found only in special chests.

You have four chests that you can choose to open. They all differ by hours you have to wait before each of them gives its treasures to you. The most precious one is that you should wait twenty-four hours to open. You can find there a lot of important things, and even real rarities. You won’t get any experience or money for participation, but you will have plenty of trophies instead. They can open different locations to you, and give you plenty of opportunities for your progress. Behind all your enemies there is a real person, who is choosing certain cards as well, as you, so there is always a place for mistake. And if you want to be a fast-learner, you can watch replays that show all the advantages and drawbacks of your strategy, and improve your planning skills. Invite your friends, and decide who’s a better fighter.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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