Clash Royale Deck


If you think you know everything about the tower defense genre, try Clash Royale with Deck! This game will strike you with an unusual mechanics. The troops are drawn on cards and can be conjured during the battle. The winner must destroy the largest number of enemy towers or the one located in the very center. And you’ll have everything you need to do that. The choice of units, both offensive and defensive, grows with every level. There are giants for destroying buildings and structures, Valkyries launching deadly mass attacks, witches casting disastrous spells on the enemy, and even dragons. Clash Royale opens an immense space for tactical maneuvers.

But there is a catch. The thing is you have only a limited amount of magic potion for building constructions and conjuring units. So you don’t only need to think strategically, but also consider the time you need to refill your mana supply. If you spend its entire amount on expensive units, you won’t have any left in case of emergency when you urgently need to conjure someone to protect your own towers. That’s why you need to keep a close eye on your mana bottle to make sure you have at least a bit of potion in it.

Once you win the battle, you will be rewarded with a treasure chest where you will also find new cards. However, to open the chest, you need a lot of time or special keys, so it’s sometimes easier to purchase new units and spells in the virtual store. Play Clash Royale, expand your card collection and strive for new victories!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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