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Clash Royal is a fantastic strategy, where you can imagine yourself being a big king and enjoy the fascination world of battles for the unity of your kingdom. You will see cartoon locations that will make you feel positive about, and your main playing stuff will be a set of cards that will help you to plan your fighting strategy. If you would like to watch your battles one more time, you’ll get the chance, because there is a system of replays. You can choose any scene, and re-watch it as many times, as you want. By doing this you can find drawbacks in your strategy, and then plan your actions better.

You will trace here all the things you wanted to find in other games, but that was in vain. Your main location is area with two towers that are defending your territory. You don’t have to command your army by choosing a certain soldier and giving him orders. That won’t work, because you have special cards that will do everything instead of you. There are several options that you may set, and you can not only make sure that your base will be safe, but you can demolish your enemy’s castle. It won’t take you long to win or to lose a certain tournament, and it is a great advantage of this strategy, for you can play anywhere you want, and the fight will last just a couple of minutes. This is a perfect time-killing, when you are standing in line or waiting for something.

The main difference that seems too unusual – you don’t have any prize for winning a certain battle. In Clash Royale everything is concentrated on four slots that may give you some kind of reward, but you have to wait for them from three to twenty-four hours, before they open their treasures to you. You can choose only one slot, and it will give you a chance to progress.

The main thing that you should aspire to is the set of trophies. They show to everyone that you are a successful leader, and you know how to set a fight. Plus, they can open new locations that may lead you to new wonderful cards. But you should be aware of the fact that if you get those cards from trophies, you won’t be able to draw other cads from the chest, so the best advice for the beginners is to get all cards from your location first. On the thirds level you can become a member of a clan, and this gives you a chance to ask for necessary cards. Don’t be greedy too, and share with people in need, because you get profit as well. The more cards you get – the progress you’ll have, so your clan is waiting for you!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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