Clash Royale 2


Those crazy about medieval romance, knight tournaments and epic sieges will appreciate Clash Royale, a mix of MOBA and card-based strategy implementing a unique mechanism of combat. Rather than stockpiling resources and mobilizing army from a number of warriors available for recruiting, you wield a stack of cards that include different types of troops, spells and defensive structures and can be conjured right in the middle of the battle for a certain amount of mana points. The stronger the unit or spell is the more mana it costs. To achieve maximum success, you should select the right cards for the situation at hand and use them wisely keeping a prudent balance of your magic energy. There are all kinds of soldiers to choose from, including lancers, archers, wizards and even dragons. If you are lucky to win the battle, you’ll get a chest full of treasures and a few new cards to add to your collection. Some of the cards are very rare and can give you a huge advantage in another armed conflict. As you defeat one opponent after another, your position in the player rating will increase. Don’t give up and keep pushing forward to unlock new, deadly weapons and conquer the entire Clash Royale community!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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