Clash Royale is a very interesting strategy, where you can find an exciting arcade that is combined with a usual cards game. As a result we have one of the most terrific games that gains popularity day by day. You will find yourself at the bank of a picturesque river, and your enemy will be on the opposite side. Your main goal, as in all strategies will be to win the fight and make your opponent lose. There are plenty of choices that will bring you to the top of the world, but that’s you, who make the right choice, and no one else.

At the beginning you will be trained how to play, and you will be shown the most important things. You should follow all the stages of this training, because if you skip any, you won’t be able to play online with other real players. No matter how good you were in this or that round, you’ll be granted with a chest that has its own treasures. There different types of chests, and the more time it takes for chest to be opened, the more important things you can find in it. Remember that the game lasts until one base – either your or your rival’s will be completely ruined.

By the way, there are some secrets that will make your victory quick and glorious. For instance, if you want your soldiers to be better and more powerful, you should combine two equal cards together, and they will double the strength of your character. Remember that you’ve got not only cards that rule soldiers, but cards that can cast spells as well. They can help you, when the round seems to be lost, and improve the situation you are suffering from. After you get the necessary level in Battles Arena, you can join a clan, where you can get help, if needed, and give other gamers advises.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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