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Play Clash Royale free online

Those already familiar with Clash of Clans will definitely appreciate a new product from Supercell – Clash Royale. While the world and characters have remained the same, the gameplay principle was critically changed. Clash Royale is a mix of card strategy and MOBA that looks like nothing you’ve seen before. Let us tell you in detail how it should be played.

The cards are dealt

The action takes place on a battle arena divided by a river. There are two bridges leading across it. Your task is to conquer the territory fighting a randomly selected opponent. The combat unfolds in real time. The main advantage of Clash Royale is that you don’t need any special perks or donates to score a victory. It all depends on your experience and skills.

At the beginning of a session, each participant has three towers, one larger and two smaller. To defeat the enemy, you need to destroy their central tower conjuring the necessary units concluded in a stack of 50 cards. In each battle, you can use only 8 of them. Who that will be – footmen, archers or magical beings – is up to you to decide. A set of troops effective in one situation may prove totally useless in another. Your choice will depend on the enemy’s tactics and the turn of events.

Remember that all units have their strong and weak sides. For instance, giants are perfect for bringing down towers, but won’t do very well in open combat. So it makes no sense to send them into the very epicenter of the battle. At the same time, there are many units meant for tete-a-tete combat or mass destruction of the enemy’s army. Choosing the right troops and reasonably arranging them is the secret of tactical thinking without which you don’t stand a chance.

Magic has its price

To conjure the units, you have to spend a certain number of mana points. The level of mana is constantly replenishing, but that requires time. Different unit types require a different amount of magical energy. You need to consider it as well while forming your army. If you focus on heavy troops that cost five mana points and more, you won’t be able to quickly refill it to conjure new units and thus can forge your own defeat. Keep balance between cheap and expensive units to plan a successful assault.

You can also upgrade the units after getting another identical card. Warrior upgrades increase their health and injury level in the battle. Aside from unit cards, there are also spell cards that you can use directly to case magical effects on your own or the enemy’s army. They, too, eat up your mana, so use them only when necessary.

Battle trophies

After the combat, the winner gets a chest with treasures where they can find new cards in addition to their current collection. This way, you can receive new units, upgrades those you already have and find rare. However, the contents of the chest are defined randomly, so you can’t say for sure what you are going to find next time. Clash Royale is a truly brilliant game that you can play for hours. Don’t waste a wonderful opportunity to plunge into a magical world created by Supercell and build a powerful empire winning one battle after another!